Welcome Friends,

I’m Amy, a Jesus loving, somewhat crunchy, homeschooling mama of three.  I am trying to find the balance between living healthy and environmentally responsibly in this fast paced materially driven world – without going crazy in the process.  I don’t do everything right – my kids eat the occasional packet of Top Ramen or (gasp) hot dog.  I lose patience with them more than I would care to admit, and I don’t buy everything organic.

Recently I have been inspired to step up our “green”. (Read why this is particularly important for Christians here.) I generally rationalize our less than perfect environmental impact by saying that at least we are better than most.  We recycle, try to buy from bulk bins to reduce packaging, bring our own grocery bags, buy local and/or organic whenever we can afford it, cloth diaper, turn off the lights and conserve water.  We live in a small house and have a low PG&E bill.  But there are so many things we could do better.  This is our journey to step up and do more.

What you will find at NatureAmy:

A safe, encouraging, and helpful environment where  moms parents people can be encouraged to live healthier and more sustainable lives.  I am an encourager – it is who I am and what I do.  There is no judgment here.  None of us are perfect – far from it – but we can help each other along the way. My family is on a journey to lessen our impact and increase our health and you are invited to join us in the process.  But we are busy, my husband works long hours, and I am NOT SuperWoman.  I will be sharing how we do things without going crazy in the process…hopefully…

I share

What you will NOT find on NatureAmy:

  • Popular culture – unless it has to do with Star Wars, we probably don’t know about it.
  • Politics – enough said.
  • Fashion and makeup advice – my idea of fashion is a quality pair of jeans and my tennis shoes!
  • Home decorating – unless it is a fun DIY

Thanks for joining me in this great adventure I call life!

I hope you enjoy the journey,