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When your little girl does not have much hair…still…

Bald babies are super cute and all of my kids have been essentially bald with nothing but a few wisps of hair.  The advantage to this is that they don’t get a bald spot from sleeping that way!  They already have no hair!

With my boys, the baldness never bothered me and they both grew beautiful silky blonde hair and needed their first haircuts by the age of one or 18 months.  Their straight blonde hair was hanging in their eyes and they had little blonde mullets in the back – time for a trim.  And they looked so handsome in their classic boy cuts – not too short – no spiky crew cuts for my babies.

When we had our baby girl, Addamay, I was thrilled!  However, I did not have high expectations for hair in her first twelve months of life – none of my kids had much hair, which I am told is quite common with blondes.  However, I was hoping that she would grow hair at least at the rate of her brothers. But no, Addamay has the slowest growing hair of any of my children.


Less than 24 hours old, her brothers kissing her little almost bald head…

So out came the bows.

And I started to make bows…

The first headband I made. This started to get addicting!

The first headband I made. This started to get addicting!

And she still wears bows…

Addamay is now 28 months old and still has very little hair.  She is starting to grow bangs and her hair is several inches long at the very middle of her head.  That is all.  She has no bangs in her eyes.  She has no mullet.  She has no beautiful Shirley Temple curls… sigh…

At 28 months old, she still doesn't have much hair, but it's getting thicker and longer at the very top.

At 28 months old, she still doesn’t have much hair, but it’s getting thicker and longer at the very top.

She gets called a boy in public if I dare dress her in anything but pink.  Turquoise blue is the worst offender.  It does not matter that the shirt is covered in girly flowers and she is wearing a skirt – if she is wearing blue, she is always called a boy.  Thankfully, I am not easily offended.  I just chuckle and gently correct them, or not… it really doesn’t make a difference if I’ll never see them again…

I also get asked all the time if I cut her hair.  ALL. THE. TIME.  Really?  Why would I cut my little girls hair that short?  I can see a nice cute bob with bangs, but cutting her bangs up to her hairline… I don’t think so…


Addamay’s first birthday pictures with Jennifer Jens Photography – super cute – but still mostly bald

I know she comes by the bald headed-ness honestly.  Although my husband had nice thick blonde hair in his first birthday pictures, I, sadly, had none.  I wore a cute hat instead.  And my second birthday pictures were not much better.

But, there are advantages to her very short hair – the most obvious being that I don’t have to wrestle a very strong willed two year old every morning to brush her hair and get it out of her face. But, I still would like to try…

I know so many moms of little boys with long beautiful hair – curls or just straight and thick – and the complaint I hear most often is that everyone thinks they are girls.  I get it – and I don’t have a problem with their child’s beautiful locks – or maybe I do – but it’s just jealousy…

Really, why do the little boys get such gorgeous hair?  Sigh…

For now, it is still about baby headbands at our house… And in honor of my little hairless girl, I am giving away two adorable baby headbands handmade by me on Instagram.  I make these for Addamay, for friends, and for gifts, but these are not for sale, so they are one of a kind and made just for this occasion!

Win these adorable headbands over on Instagram @amylovesnature

Win these adorable headbands over on Instagram

Head on over to my Instagram for details!  Even if you don’t have a baby girl in your house, you probably know one and these make great baby shower and birthday gifts!

Good luck!


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  1. Carolyn Hodges (Mom)

    September 13, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    Maybe if I win them I can give them to Addamay?

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